Hello Mickye,
First let me say "Thank You" for hosting the
Dance Conference, that was my first praise dance
conference and I completely enjoyed myself.  I
learned so much that I had to start writing things
down so that I could remember everything, I
definitely had a good time.
Thanks! By the way, the dance
conference was great! I experienced
another level of God’s presence
through the gift of dance. May God
continue to bless you
Sonya G. Iyasere
Hi Mickye,
I just wanted to tell you that I was truly
blessed by the conference this past
weekend.  You and your staff exude the
spirit of excellence, and everything was
done decently and in order.  God has
truly blessed you, Joe and Paulette as
dance ministry leaders.  I can't wait to
attend next year because I know with
God it can only get bigger and better!!
Have a blessed week!
Hey Mickey,
I just want u to know that the
conference was awesome and I got so
many life changing nuggets out of it. I
can not wait until next year.  It really
inspired me when you talked about your
journal.  I am taking ballet while still
going through the beginner’s course in
Before His Thrown.  I told the lady at
spirit filled ballet where I will be
attending ballet starting in August about
the dance conference she was so
inspired and wanted to talk to you about
her outreach program that she is
starting for children who can't afford to
take ballet.  She wants to offer it to
them free.  I also told her about Lady
Paulette.  I told her to get to your web
site and get the contact information so
you will be hearing from her soon.
Hi Mickye,
I hope you have been able to relax
today and catch your breath after a
marathon week of work for you and
your team.  Again, I commend you for
all that you have done and I know it
was a great success for the Glory of
the Kingdom of God.  
Good Afternoon Pastor Mickye
I just wanted to first tell you that I
really had a wonderful time this past
weekend. The Dance Conference was
life changing for me in more ways than
just dance, but it really brought back
the spirit that I needed on the inside.
Dance has been a passion and a love for
me since I was a little girl. I danced in
church all my life and in high school I
use to let the fact that I had never been
trained discourage me but I have
learned through you and others that it is
truly my gift and it doesn’t matter that I
haven’t been trained. I have had many
struggles, beat ups and let downs since
I’ve been here and I really let that
discourage me, but not anymore. You
truly are an inspiration to me and the
way you helped God to open my heart
again to something I love is
overwhelming and I can’t ever thank
you enough. I just wanted to email you
and tell you that. Also, I wanted to
know how much the video with all the
praise and worship dances on it would
be now and if you could bring me one
this Sunday to church so I can buy it
from you. I don’t know if you
remember me or not, probably not
because you met a lot of new faces this
weekend but I am Shandra Woods
daughter and I talked to you Thursday
and told you I wanted to get with you
after the conference to see what I need
to do about going the dance ministry.
Again thank you Pastor Mickye for a
wonderful experience you truly are an
angel from heaven with a beautiful spirit.
My team and I attended the conference
this weekend and it was awesome.  We
all had a great time and learned so much
Hi Mickye,
It's Kim from Ft. Myers, FL.  I just
wanted to drop you a couple of lines to
tell you that the conference was
AWESOME!  Pass on to your team that
they are the BEST!  I really admired
how well everyone worked together to
make the event very successful.  I'm a
leader of a team of 55 members and
leading others can be trying at times.  
Thank you for putting on such an
informative conference.  Next year I'm
planning to bring members of my team.

Again, Be Blessed

Hey, just wanted to let you know again
how much I appreciate all the work you
and your team put into this conference.
I could not begin to tell you ALL that I
got out of it (my poor husband has
already spent all day hearing about it!)
You, your team, Paulette and Joe
Brown didn't just teach and instruct,
but more importantly imparted into me.
I felt an impartation of a spirit of
excellence from you, your team and
everyone else there. That may not be
exactly what it was, but it's the only
way I know to describe what God has
done in me. I saw how you all
administered and handled things, small
things I'm not sure what you all are
taught and I really want to know but
what I got out of it was that there is a
sense of reverence, authority, respect,
excellence, maturity and seriousness
about the ministry.

Well, God did exceedingly abundantly
more. How exciting is that!

Love you, thanks again and looking
forward to next year!

Hi Mickeye:
I must say to you "JOB WELL DONE"
especially knowing that this was your
first time.  I pray God's blessing upon
you and your family forever.  My
Christ's anointing continue to be all over
you and may God continue to direct
your path.  The experience was a great
one for me.  This was my first dance
conference.  Thank you for your
kindness and sincerity.
My name is Agustina McFarlane

With God all things are possible.
Love Tina

Dearest Lady Mickye,
God bless your diligence to the arts and
service of excellence. I am so blessed
by the information from the conference
and workshops. I equally enjoyed
meeting like minded sisters of the faith.
Your staff is definitely on point!
Much love,

Minister Debra Marie Brand
Ministry In Movement
Mrs. Mickye!
..Juz wanna say the
workshop/conference was
off the chain!  You and
your team really put it
together.  A lot was
learned... Keep doin what
cha do!
Hi,  Mickye.  Greetings
from Mt. Hebron M.B.
Church in Garland -
Pastor Leonard O. Leach.  
I wanted to send an email
to you to say a great big
THANK YOU to you,
Paulette, Joe and all the
instructors, dancers &
volunteers who facilitated
Dance Alive at The
Potter's House this
weekend.  What a
wonderful time we had!  
It was educational,
inspirational and
motivational!  What a
blessing we received from
you, your team and all of
the participants we met
from all over the country -
from Phoenix & New
Mexico to Mississippi and
Memphis.  World, really,
since one young lady was
from England.  What a
beautiful presentation the
performance was!!!  
Amazing job to everyone!  
To learn and present a
dance in 4 hours is
unbelievable.  But you &
your team got it done!  
Truly God has blessed
each of you to have such
talent and ability.  Thank
you all so much for giving
"more than your best!"  
You were super fantastic!
Thank you most of all for
believing in Dance
Ministry and doing what's
needed for its continued
spiritual growth!  You will
have that Dance Academy
some day!  Keep the
faith!  And keep the
Thank you from the
bottom of our hearts!  
May God continue to bless
you and your Ministry!  
We look forward to seeing
you again next year!!!
Have a wonderful day in
the LORD!
In His service,
Kargrandi Williams
The whole day yesterday I
kept smiling and pondering
about the weekend.  I
have so much to say to
you but right now I am
slammed here at work.  I’
m trying REAL hard to
focus today as my mind is
still dancing for our God. I
will email you soon with
more…but just know, you
my friend, affected so
many lives in so many
ways this weekend. It was
truly an honor to worship
with you.  More to come
soon…now I have to go
I just wanted to say that
everything was absolutely
FABULOUS! I was not
able to come on Sunday
morning; however I was
told that it was most
magnificent. I’m glad it
was a successful endeavor
and that you will be able to
do it again next year.
Hopefully by then we will
have a team to bring.
Hi Mickye,
Just wanted to send you a
little note to let you know
how much you have
blessed my heart, spirit
and soul this past
weekend.  I enjoyed every
minute of the workshop.  
You have a wonderful
spirit and such energy.  
Keep up the good work.  
A few of our members
were attending (3) from
Westside Baptist Church
in Lewisville, Texas.  We
hope to have more
members attend the
workshop next year (as
well as our Leader).  We
have a lot of challenges
ahead of us, but you gave
us hope.  With prayer all
things are possible through
Christ who strengthens
us.  Have a Blessed Day
and thanks for a
wonderful time in the Lord.
Marritta Pickett

Hi, Mickye!

I just wanted to take a
quick sec to thank you
and your dance ministry
for the awesome time we
had at The Potter's House
this past weekend!!  I
think that I am just
coming down a bit from
the high!  I can't tell you
how much was imparted
into my life...so many
things learned!  I think
that I had shared with you
a while back that I was
seeking wisdom and
restoration.  I have to say
that I got it this past
weekend!!  I think that
sometimes, we as dance
leaders get so caught up in
what we feel the Lord is
calling us to do personally,
that we fail to take the
time to glean from the
visions that He has given
to others who are in the
same ministry.  I had an
incredible vision of the
Body of Christ and how it
is truly to operate...that is
what I saw at the
conference.  Everyone
came together and added
their spices, and the
apothecary was truly at
work...it was the sweetest
smelling aroma that I have
ever experienced!!  Oh,
and the routine that we did
on Sunday...awesome!!  I
am so glad that we had the
opportunity to share in
your first dance
conference, and we plan
to put it on the calendar
for next year, and years to
come.  I am looking
forward to utilizing many
of the tools that I was
equipped with, and do
pray that some of the fires
of dance will be rekindled
in our area.  When dance
ministry first became
popular, so many
churches in our area were
involved, but many have
been lost along the
wayside.  It is a lonely
feeling sometimes, but I
know that God called me
to do this, and I am not
giving up!  You guys
renewed my joy and hope
again!!  Thank you a
million times!!  Please
send my regards to all of
your lovely dancers...
everyone was so kind and
hospitable....what a breath
of fresh air!!!

I will keep you all in my
prayers, and I request that
you do the same for us!!  

Love ya, my sista!!!


Hi Mickye,

I just wanted to say thank
you for such a wonderful
time that we had at the
conference.  We had to
leave after Saturday night
and did not have an
opportunity to talk to you.  
(You were real busy.)  
Your dance team was
awesome and it is obvious
that the Holy Ghost is
moving in and through
you as a minister of dance
for your team.  The love
that your team has for
each other was so obvious
and so necessary for
dancing in unity to usher
in the presence of God.  

I was so blessed by your
testimony and your
incredible boldness.  There
was no "sugar coating"
with you. You seem to tell
it like it is.  I like that!!!  

I was truly inspired by
your class.  You are
anointed to teach dance.  
Many dancers have a gift
to dance but they are not
gifted to teach. You have
both girl!!!!  There was an
anointing in your class and
I did not want to stop
dancing.  I love the veil
thing we did!!!!  I never
danced with a veil.  

I have a Christian dancing
school in which I teach
ballet, tap, jazz, pointe,
modern, hip hop, and
lyrical.  God has been
good to me.  I would love
to dance at church, but it
is just not something my
church is wanting that
often.  So I wait and
pray.  I have had a few
opportunities to dance at
our church with a large
group of ladies, I have
worked with our youth,
and I am presently
occasionally working with
our children.  Watching
your team made that
dream come alive again!!!  
Alive!!  Wow!  What a

Hope to see you at the
next conference!!
Cammie Manuel
Divine Dance Academy