Wow! The "Alive" Conference was off tha chain!!! Thank you for
sharing your wisdom, your time, talent and family. We are looking
forward to coming back next year, New Creation Church of San Diego.

mickye i wanted to thank you for having this wonderful conference. this
was my first year to attend and I truly couldn't have had a better time.
you have inspired me to do so much more with my own dance as well
as the ministry that i am over.i thank you and hope that our adult
director Shara gets you to Peace Church to have a seminar SOON!
Thank you so much and Happy Birthday and Congratulations on 20
years of greatness!!!!

know i was there for your birthday festival saturday!!! :) but i wanted to
personally say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may God continue to bless
you, your ministry & your family! as always it was a joy to serve with
you this past weekend! thank you for asking me to be a part again this
summer! see ya church girl!!!!

The dance ministry was awesome today Mic. We're so glad we got the
chance to come and see you and the teams were fabulous!!!! What an
anointed service today. Thanks for letting me know about it.Although
we missed Bishop Jakes, Jesus was truly in the house!!!

awww....the conference was AWESOME!!!!!!!It was a whole new
level, it just gets better and better!can't wait for the next one!.....
Shanette Lewis

What a wonderful climax on yesterday to this weekends dance
It was so beautiful with all the colors and all the participation.
Congratulations again for your 20 years of service.
I wish you many, many more.
I am so proud to be a part of this ministry.
Gods continued blessing,

I did not see you yesterday so I did not have an chance to tell you how
wonderful the final presentation was. I was reminded of the scripture
where Miriam took up the tambourine after the flight from Egypt.  The
line of dancers seemed endless!!!!!!!!!!!!It really showcased the variety
of ways to Praise the Lord and the Spirit of Excellence you insist on.  I
hope your Mom was there to see how far things have come.  Do you
still have the video of you Dacing in one spot!!!!!!!!!
WOW! Women OF Worship…..Al Bowie

Hello!!  Since  the only thing on my body not hurting were my fingers I
thought I'd email you and thank you for a life altering experience this
weekend.  Me and my team will never be the same. Kimberly Adams


Hello I just wanted to say you held an awesome conference last
week! The help of your teams putting it together just blessed me!! The
week I couldn't sleep! Was too excited for the next day sessions... it
was a great experince and memories! I'm coming back next year!
SeAndra Smith-Reese

This weekend not only revived me spiritually but gave me the direction I
needed and had been praying for concerning the dance team.  Up until
now I felt like I was just trying to keep the team going.  I knew I
wanted to step up our game and move forward but I had no idea how.  
Now I feel like I've been given the direction that I needed and the team
is excited beyond all reason.   Tuesday night at practice we showed
them a few of your dances from the dvd's and stoked their fire and
informed them of how you do praise and worship and how we would
be adopting your process using signals and they were very excited and I
managed to show them three of the veil routines and one tamborine
routine.  We also, due to fact that we were able to move our bodies
again, showed them the Sunday dance that we did.  Of course it wasn't
as grand as Sunday since there was only one person on tamborines,
two modern, one flag and one hip-hopper although we kind of joined in
on that one which would explain why our necks are still sore.(We love
that part) But they got the idea.  
The music pastor that is over our ministry is very excited about what we
are doing although I think I scared her when I called her Monday
morning and told her I wanted a meeting with her because I was going
to revamp some things.  

So please keep up is prayer as we go forward in excellence, thank you
so much for this weekend. See you next year.

PS- We told the tiny girls on our team to get that insurance paid up
because they're going up!!!  Their terrified looks were priceless!!
Kimberly Adams

All of your ladies were awesome and very welcoming. I felt right at
home and enjoyed every bit of it. I have to say that in spite of all the
great things that I had a chance to part take in at the conference, the
morning work out session was the BEST! I have never experience such
an intense, motivating, energy boosting work out like that before. That
was awesome.
I encourage you ladies to keep up the GREEAAT WORK! God Bless,
Sheila Pittman

Mickey, I cannot wait to respond to your question. I can honestly say
that the conference at the potter's House  was one of the best that I
have ever attended. You would really appreciate this if you knew how
many conferences I have been to. I have served at some and attended
others( I assisted Minister Monique Woods with her class). Everyone
was so nice and kind.  They spoke to you when they passed you and/or
gave you a smile. this is not the norm at larger congregations. I know!
You cannot imagine how important that is. From the staff to every
worker, everyone was friendly and nice. I can't wait for next year's
conference. you were awesome and i came away with so much!
Thanks again for blessing me,  Be Blessed on this beautiful, bountiful
Created to worship Ministries Essie Brown

You have such a spirit of excellence and it shows.  I love to dance but
am not a dancer.  I am however an excellent administrator.  I would
love to volunteer with the dance team administrative wise for whatever
assistance you may need.  My son and I became members of the
Potter's House family on yesterday.  
I would just like to thank you again for a wonderful conference.  We
are already preparing to bring the entire dance team from Germany on
next year.  Be blessed in all you do! Sincerely, Sandra Spencer-White

Every instructor played a major part, and it all flowed together!  I can't
wait to see the full dance.  Unfortunately, I had to work Friday, so I
only caught the tail end of the classes.  Though from that moment
through Sunday I think it was great! Let me start by saying, you guys
did an AWESOME job! Every instructor played a major part, and it all
flowed together!  I can't wait to see the full dance.  Unfortunately, I had
to work Friday, so I only caught the tail end of the classes.  Though
from that moment through Sunday I think it was great! Overall, I think it
was a huge success, I enjoyed it and look forward to next year.  Only
this time, I hope to be a part of "Before His Throne" and helping out
wherever I can.  I've been excusing myself for the last few years, and I
was reminded by God after the Deaf Lady ministered  (not sure of her
name or how to spell it... Salindra or something like that, but I know
you get my point).  As I watched her dance and realized how she can't
hear a sound, but she allowed God to use her, I knew I could no longer
use my 9-6 work hours,  and having 1 car and 3 children excuses to
hold me back any longer.  I'm ready to do what I need to do to join the
team, so let me know when you are opening the doors again.  Please
and thank you! Sincerely,Toni Bowman

Good morning... the conference of 2008 ' Alive" was an awesome
experince! I'm still talking about it and I've also spread the words to  
other members who's also in the deaf ministries...  there's nothing bad
about it when I walked in... there were help to find where I needed to
go and til the last day I left... there were good advice on how we should
be loyal to and respect our team leaders...
needed that information very much...    I didn't want to say good bye to
new friends but will come back again... the whole conference splits up
into group but was still able to bond together as 1 group, we all
worships the same God...
I was able to catch up with the conference that some of those that came
from out of town knew sign languages... that's the best!  Again thanks
for the conference I been looking forward to come for a year and  then
again another year to look forward to... SeAndra Smith-Reese

I loved the conference this year and actually thought it was much better
than last year because of all the wonderful participation. It made the
conference more fun because twice as many people came and were
involved. Of course, I LOVE Clara!! She always makes hip hop off the
chain every year. She is really original with how she teaches and I'm
going to use some of her strategies when I go back into the classroom
and teach my students...why not make it fun right? The person who
taught modern this year is fantastic! Shederick is off the chain also and I
even asked if he'd be willing to help the 8th graders at my school learn
step for their new step team. Mime, praise and worship, tambourines,
everything was outstanding. I am exciting about the many years to come
for the ALIVE conference!! Congratulations on a great summer
Be blessed, Ashley Murphy

Hello Mickye: The experience was AWESOME!!!! The atmosphere
was pleasant and every person I came in contact with was a great
representative of the Jesus Christ, The Potters House, Dance Ministry,
and its leadership. I encourage you to keep this conference going and
know that your work/teachings are not in vain. This was the second
dance conference (first long distance travel) I have every attended, and
the first as a dance leader. I have been in the role as dance leader for
two months and this experience has given me a plethora of information
to take back to the dance ministry team.  The diverse of the crowd was
something I have never seen before. I can not express how appreciative
I am our your gift to this ministry of dance and your heart. Even some
family members that attended the first night with me,they  talked about
how much fun they had that night and even remember the message Dr.
Twiggs delivered: Be Engaged.....and they were young people
(teenagers) Again, overall conference was AWESOME and I have told
everyone about it and plan to bring the entire dance ministry next
year.... Thanks to everyone that had a part in putting this together.  


Your conference was truly amazing..!! I learned so much, met
amazing people and had a blast I hope we get to come back next
year..!! It was so amazing I went back to church on Sunday and re-
dedicated my life to Christ,  your mime teacher mrs.Rhonda is truly
CONFERENCE  justice henderson

The conference was AWESOME! We are still talking about it!!!! It
was very professional, informative, inspiring and uplifting. The
teachers were anointed and well qualified to teach the people of
God!! Everything they taught, they had scripture to back it up. We
learned of so many ways to help usher in the presence of God
through dance. I learned that it's not so much about dancing, but
you have to have a relationship with God and a thirst for Him. I
realized that when God calls you to do something, He will equip you.
I believe the choreography session was my favorite. I never thought
about choreographing my garments too. We spend so much time on
the song, but when I watched the DVD's you put so much time and
consideration into the costumes. It made a lot of since when you
explained it. Even the undergarments!!!   I literally was writing down
everything you said because I realized how much I need to grow and
strengthen my team. Even in the leadership session, it was very
informative and I realized that all the teachers were going through
some of the same things that I experience all the time, but you gave
me encouragement to go through and you didn't know it. From this
conference, I have been studying ways to bring my choreography to
life. I literally have been on a HIGH. I've been jotting down everything
God is giving me, listening to worship songs, finding songs for
Christmas and Easter.... It was a SUPERB conference. You treated
us very well. The dancers seem to be transformed and they are still
talking about conference. I noticed the leadership you possess.
Your dance members respect you and love you as a leader. They
even have a great working relationship with each other. You never
saw them fuss or argue, they were all about business. They were
very very very polite and were willing to help and they always had a
smile doing it. You really had a great team working with you this
year. The conference gets an A+ in my book.  Monica

I will definitely come back next year!!! Everything was awesome!!
Personally I wish that it was longer or more activities were added for
those of us out of town. It was funny because we were trying to
figure out what to do after the evening was over, but nonetheless it
was awesome. And I am STILL sore.. so I kind of appreciate the time
available to rest. It was such an amazing experience being around
the people of God.. let alone DANCERS!
-With love, Noah

Good!  Good!  Good!  The Best!!!! July  '09 can't get here quick
enough!  See ya next year. Kimberly Adams
The conference was absolutely awesome.... it was life changing, I received so
much information that I needed I was at a stand steal not really excited about
the dance anymore but thanks be to God for your obedience I have come alive
again I can see again. Thank you so much for all you do and I know that the
best is yet to come……….Debbie Dishman

I am having a Blast !  You are as Dynamic as Ever !  What memories the old
Santuary brought back.  Well it s been about 10 years since I bought my
tamberine for the first class.  Thank The Lord for Restoration !  If I can still
walk  I'll see you at 6:45.... and in August if it be The Will Of God !  The
Staff... esp. Rhonda are Priceless !.....
Ms. L.G. Prather

Being a newbee, I am so glad that I could be apart of this celebration (your b-
day and your 20th yr in ministry). It is so obvious that God has gifted you with
great talent and that you are using it to his glory. When I came to orientation last
year, I came really just to get info. I didn't know if I would join the ministry or
not. But after I heard you speak and I saw how convicted you were to glorify
God through dance, I knew that this was something I had to be apart of. I
know that I am a quiet person and I don't say a lot at practice, but I do want
you to know that I have soooo much respect for you as a person, a dancer, a
choreographer, and most importantly, as a servant of God.
Thanks for all your dedication. ……Shadesia

Hello Mickye,
I was so privledged to be apart of this year Dance Conforence only GOD
know's.  I wanted to really present myself to be a living sacrafice to HIM and to
you.  I feel as being apart of this team and alll the hard work and effort you put
forth you deserve nothing less.  I shall press continually.  Also,  being apart of
the Conference gave me a whole new insite on dance and the importance of it.  
Like I said to you I am Privledge.

Mickye,I wanted to thank you for the conference.  I can tell a lot of work went
into putting it together and an awesome job was done.  I learned and felt as if
the gift God has given was stirred up.  God use the conference as a revival for
me, and I went away with a lot of new visions for the ministry.  Now I'm
praying for God to give us the opportunity to bring it to fruition.

I'm still new to this (5 years as a dancer and 3 as the director) so I love to have
the opportunity to learn all I can.  I really appreciated the leaders meeting
because it's nice to know that one is not alone in the battles we face.I apologize
that we had to leave before the conference ended, but we also had to prepare
to minister for  service.Thanks again.  Can't wait for the next conference.
Margaret Tolliver--Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

Hi Mickye, Thanks again for the amazing experience I had last week. You and
girls are so inspiring and gifted. Hope to see you again and next year I'm
bringing more people:-)
We've got to bring you to Phoenix!!!! Take care and God Bless, Corina Taylor
Praise City Church

I really enjoyed the dance was such an amazing experience and I
am already looking forward to the next one. One of the most memorable
moments was the special surprise presentation to you. Even though I haven't
been on the team very long, I can see the spirit of unity and I am truly grateful
that I am able to be a part of such a wonderful team and see all the many gifts
that God has placed inside of you. I pray that God continues to use you and
order your steps. See you on Sunday! Sonya G. Iyasere

Good Morning Mic,
The conference was awesome. I thank God for your spirit you are truly a
woman of excellence and faith.
It was such a blessing to see your
husband right there beside you helping.
Continue to move in the
excellence God has given you for ministry. Thank very much for inviting me to
partake in what God is doing at the Potter's House in the ministry of dance. I
was truly blessed. Blessings Monique Woods

Had the most amazing time at the conference. Cant wait for next years...
Much love.Noah

Hey sister,
I had a wonderful experience and looking forward to next years conference. I
really dont have anything bad to say at all i had the chance to meet a lot of new
people. This summer actually made it a year that i've been a member of the
potters house. I want to say job well done on Sunday you guys look wonderful
in the red and black. Thank you for putting such a wonderful conference
together!! May God Bless you, shine upon you, his favor rest upon you, and
forever guide you!!!!!!! Tracy D. Lewis

Hello Mickye, I really enjoyed myself at the conference, it was a great
experience for me and my praise team we thought we were doing great things in
our community but now we know know we can do other things as well, I have
decided that I will be bringing my kids next summer because I know they will
enjoy it just as much as I did this summer, I want to thank you for showing us
more ways to express ourselves through song and dance of how much we love
the lord.  Thank You, La,Shanda Swannegan  a*k*aPooda

Greetings Lady Mickye, I was so blessed to be at the Conference this year, i
can not begin to tell you what an amazing worship experience it was for me....I
am already planning to attend next year, and am very excited about it. i must
say though that i thought the Conference was absolutely wonderful and even if
you choose not to change a thing i will definitely be back....i plan to be attending
the conference for as long as you all offer it and i am looking forward to each
and every year! peace and blessing, your sister in Christ
Dayna Colmon Fobbs L.M.T.   MA# 44119 Jude 1:2

Mere words cannot express how much I appreciate you and the Potters house
for the dance conference.  Everyone associated with the conference was not
only professional but very friendly and "approachable" as well.  
Although I couldn't quite keep up with all of the different "moves" I had an
incredible time and I consider it an honor to partake in such an event.  I signed
up for the conference to "renew" my love for dancing- I was starting to reach a
place where I related the dance ministry as drudgery and work.  Thanks to your
spirit and the word spoken by Pastor Twiggs I have rediscovered my love and I
am able to move to the next step in my relationship with God.   THANK YOU,
THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!.................... shanda carter

What an awesome conference.!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to see
the vision God has given you.I have only good things to say about the whole
experience. The schedule changes from the 1st year were good.
The concert on Sat morning was awesome!!! It was good to have that evening
to travel home. We were not nearly so sore afterwards. I missed the
African/modern Dance. I would like to have more modern dance. All the
instructors were awesome. Thank you and all those who helped you for all the
hard work and sacrifice you did for it. We brought 3 more people this time, and
more will come next year. For us, the conference was life changing.
We love you guys, Pam from Overcoming Word.

Good Morning Mickye,  I am one of the many praise dancers that attended this
years conference from Covenant Worship Center in Berkeley California. My
group and I are still talking about what a wonderful time we had there. …….the
love and confidence I received in the name of your conference, our conference.
You did a marvelous job, your group lead wonderfully, and it is because of their
leader. My leader, and entire group walked away with more than sore bodies,
we walked away with confidence, and a oneness that we will forever carry with
us……..Ryan Ashley

Greetings Mickye, Well to start off we all from Sheffield Family Life Center in
Kansas City, Missouri had a marvelous time.  I personally came away having
learned a great deal.  I appreciate the fact that we had to take all classes.  I just
hate that my group could not take mime also.  I was grateful for the lunch that
was provided even though I was prepared to leave and find food.  The only
thing with that is we possibly would not have made it back in time due to drive
time, waiting for an order, and time to eat.  I enjoyed seeing your team perform;
as well as, other dance ministries.  I enjoyed participating in both services
although my body would not be in agreement with that.  Praise the Lord for
Epsom salt and tiger balm!!!  We plan to bring our entire team next year.  
Continue your outstanding work in dance and may the Lord continue to bless
you for your obedience and faithfulness. Sincerely, Angela Arter

Hi Mickye,  I think overall the conference was great.  What stood out to me in
compare with many other conferences that I have attended is how organized
and structured it was.  I really liked the way you had girls come pick us up and
take us to the next class.  I liked that we were not left to try to figure out where
to go next.  I liked the fact that we were able to choose what we wanted to do
Sunday morning.  Over all it was an awesome experience and I will be back
next year and hopefully with my dancers.  I am going to start fund-raising
hopefully soon.  I come from florida,so its a little expensive;however, it is all
worth it.  I pray my feedback was helpful.  Be blessed, highly favored, and
empowered to prosper Martha Savloff

Mrs. Castillo.. I throughly enjoyed this conference. I came from Muskogee,
Oklahoma by myself, and from the time i walked in to the time i left all of the
"staff" made me feel as though i was at home.. I plan on attending next year with
my entire mime group see you then!! JaCorie M.

The Conference was.............AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be back next
year!!!!!!! Porschia Clark

well it was my frist conference with shabach and i think it was awesome.
thanks  danielle savloff.

This was my 7 year old daughters first time participating in any event
at the potters house.  My daughter has been desiring to be on stage and
dance since she first saw the dance team perform so this was a never
forgetting event that took place and she got to be a part of it.
Yeah!!!!! She still ask me when she'll get a chance to dance again.  I myself
was a spectator and enjoyed every minute of this confence. I enjoyed
the workouts especially. Mickye is so down to earth and so funny. I enjoyed
every minute of  her.However, I wish this didnt have to end. I wish there was a
way I can  get my child involved in more dance opportunities at the potters
house so  if you know of any dance ministeries for her age please let me know.
Sincerely,  Kellie and Dallis Brown

Hello, Oh my God!!! Thank you! Thank you! First of all, thank you for finding
me on myspace. That was the best blessing. Thank you and your team for
a great experience and understanding of dancing. I learned so much and
I'm looking forward to next year. As for the conference that was the best.
From day 1 to that Sunday. Everyone was so nice and willing to teach
and help us learn. My hip hop teacher (I love her). I don't do hip hop at
all, but oh my God, He (GOD) brought it out of me, so I know I have skills
that I wanted to use and he (GOD) wanted to bring out. Thanks again and
again! I love celebrating your birthday and 20 years with you. I love you and
thank you! Shatoria L. Lowe

Mickye thank you so much for pouring into me personally, I received so much
until I went home on overflow.    I thank God for you and the gift, everything
was superfantastic I am already telling every dance minister I come in contact
with to get ready for next year.  I love you so much.  Thank you,….Debbie

Mickye, the conference was beautiful!! this was my first year & I'm already
excited about next years!! We were only able to bring 3 of us but next year we
plan to bring the whole group, Sunday's ministering day was the best!! I was
nervous at first but I knew it was God just trying to use me. thanks for
everything i learned ALOT & I am expecting to use it.  Aisa Patrice

Hi Mickye!!! My name is Shavon, Leader of Artistic Praise at Eirene Christian
Fellowship. I want you to know that the conference was OFF THE
CHAIN!!!!!!!  Seriously.  This experience really opened my eyes to a lot of new
things that i wanted to try but was afraid to because i didn't know how it
would be received. But through your testimony, i am ready to try it in
the name of the Lord. I thank you for all of your teachings as well as
the others. Everyone was really great!! We will be back without a doubt
next year and maybe this time some of the members will be able to
attend also. Thank You a Lot!!!!!!!!!!!! Shavon
Keep it Crunk...Love you just the way you are!!!

Hi Mickye! This was my first time attending your conference...I don't remember
how  I ended up stumbling upon your website or finding out about it....but
from the comments I read about the 2007 conference, I decided to take a
chance and check you out.  So, this was also my first out-of-state
praise dance conference I attended.  I live in SoCal, and have attended
quite a few dance conferences in CA only.  I didn't know what to expect,
but came open-minded, not knowing how things are done in Texas.  
Well, I was VERY impressed. I liked the order in which things were
done. Everybody was very friendly and made you feel welcome---so that was a
very good 1st impression. I love your down-to-earth personality.  It was very
refreshing to be  able to know that you are approachable, friendly, & not above
talking to  conference attendees.  But, when you cracked the whip, you meant
business and I also respected that--especially as a dance ministry leader
myself. I LOVED and RESPECTED the way you kept order like a drill
sargeant, laid down the house rules, kept everything on schedule,  
Sincerely, Pamela Dimry

So great to hear from you Mickye! Thanks again for all that you do...this
conference was my first (of hopefully many) encounter with you and your
dedication to God's work is evident. I appreciate you and love you =)
Rachel Thomas

Mickye,  My name is Nicole Gregory and I attended your conference this past
July!  I seriously want to say WOW! This was more than I could have ever
expected!  I have never been to a "Dance Conference for Worship" and this
truly was a blessing in more ways than you could ever imagine. Watching your
amazing dance team do your routines was a blessing.  I think my favorite dance
of all time (you didn't do live) is "Holy" or "God Your Holy" I can't remember
the exact name of the song.  It's the one with all the GOLD and white....and the
wings and it's so powerful I don't care how many times I watch it on the dvd I
cry like a baby.  The song itself is powerful, I cry whenever we sing it in the
choir but to put the motions to it as you and your amazing team did .... it's
simply breath taking!  You are a very blessed woman to have such support
from your team and respect.  You do demand and deserve all that you get!  I
am just in awe of how wonderful it all is and went. Thank you for all that you
did and do for everyone!  I am just simply Awe of the wonders of God
and the gifts that he has laid in your heart! With all of my love and support,
Nicole Gregory