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Mickye and Les Castillo have been married for 9 years and have three children. Samson (18), Adam (17), and Levi (7).

Mickye surrendered her will and life to God at the age of 13. Since that time the Lord has given her many different styles of dance to show forth the
praises of God. These dances vary from interpretive movement, hip hop, modern, lyrical jazz, African, and her personal favorite praise and worship
dance. Some of these dances include tambourines with streamers, flags, ribbons, veils, and more.

Mickye has ministered in dance at
Woman Thou Art Loosed in front of 80,000 people. Mickye has also helped start up and establish dance
ministries at Pastor
Paula White's Without Walls International Church and at Northview Christian Church with Pastor Hart Ramsey. Mickye has also
danced beside musical artist
Martha Munizzi , Micah Stampley, and Fred Hammond.

After ministering in the dance at a small pastors conference, a pastor from The Potter's House asked Mickye to minister in dance at a pastors
conference to be held at The Potter's House. She was then asked to return on multiple times to dance during praise and worship. After falling in
love with the dance and seeing the positive reaction from his staff and congregation Bishop T.D. Jakes called Mickye in and asked her to help start
a dance team at The Potter's House. Of course she accepted and asked Bishop who their dance team leader was so she could get started right
away. Bishop quickly responded "You don't understand,
we want you!" With the blessings from her former pastors, Mickye started and established
Before His Throne dance team at the request of Bishop T.D. Jakes. Mickye has been the Director of Dance at the Potters House for more than 13
Mickye Castillo has been in the dance ministry for 25 years. Mickye Castillo is a stellar
dance choreographer, director, and performer who leads a dance ministry, travels and
together, with her husband, runs her own business. She is currently on staff at The
Potter’s House Church of Dallas where she has been the director of dance since
October of 1999. Before teaming up with Bishop T.D. Jakes, Mickye lead the women’s
dance ministry team at her home church for over 12 years. She was given a vision for
praise dance at the age of 13 when she surrendered her life to God and formed her
own company, Freedom In The Dance Ministries. Her unique development of praise
dance patterns has revolutionized live praise and worship dance with a format that
allows ministers to move in unity to live music. Her choreographed pieces have
showcased many styles including interpretive movement, hip hop, cheer and stunts,
modern, lyrical jazz, African, and contemporary. Mickye uses many props including
tambourines with streamers, ribbons, flags, veils, billows, and fabrics. There is always
creative and colorful costuming and makeup for each dance piece. And together all of
these elements are used to bring the Word of God to life by telling stories through
dance, acting, and lyrical interpretations of music. Mickye is known for her red hair,
bubbly personality and fiery directing style that show her passion for God and love of
the arts. She has the ability to bring an artistic vision to life, an eye for detailing and a
gift for sowing seeds of creativity, leadership, and confidence. Her greatest passion is
to bring a dance presentation to life with technique, drama, fabrics, color, “feeling” and
a lot of hard work. Her “out of the box” style of dance has opened the door for Mickye
to train leaders and raise up dance teams across the country. She has held
conferences and workshops throughout the United States, Caribbean and England.
She teaches on topics such as, Biblical foundations on dance, how to have an
effective dance ministry, dance technique, how to get your body fit for dance, how and
why to use makeup and garments to enhance your presentations, and much more.
Mickye not only works with her dance ministry at home, but she also works with dance
ministries across the globe inspiring them with bold creative ideas and giving them
tools that show them how to have a solid strong effective dance ministry that will
enhance and strengthen any music and fine arts department. Mickye has worked with
many people including Bishop T.D.Jakes, Aaron Lindsey, Pastor Hart Ramsey, Eddie
James and Excaliber and Marcus and Joni Lamb of Daystar. She has danced
alongside musical artists such as Martha Munizzi, Micah Stampley, Fred Hammond,
Chrisette Michelle and before audiences with Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Pastor Paula
White and Sean P.Diddy Combs. She has led dances for conferences including Bishop
Jakes’ Mega Fest, Pastors and Leaders Conference, Woman Thou Art Loosed, Man
Power, God’s Leading Ladies Graduation ceremony, and the Refreshing Times
Conference. When Mickye is not hard at work she enjoys spending time with family in
Dallas, Texas, her husband, Les Castillo, and her three boys