F.I.T.D. is available for workshops for your praise dance ministry
F.I.T.D. is also available to be instructors at your praise dance
conference or workshop.

Single day workshops can be held in 4 HR or 8 HR sessions.
Example. Sat 8am - 12pm or Sat 9am - 5pm

F.I.T.D. can teach your ministry an entire special praise
dance presentation using different props and interpretive

We can also teach you how to dance with tambourine,
streamers, ribbons, and veils during live Praise and
Worship as one unified movement.
Please contact
Mickye for more information

Workshops can be structured in many different ways.

Praise and Worship Workshops

I will take you through a workbook explaining the Biblical
significance of dancing according to God’s word. You will learn
the technique of stretching and core strengthening. You will learn
tambourine dance patterns that work hand in hand with fast songs
of praise and worship. You will learn how to dance with the 9 foot
praise ribbon, in many different choreographed dance patterns.
You will learn how to dance with the veil with several different
dance patterns that will enhance your worship experience.
You will learn many dance patterns using flags as you move into
high praises or intense warfare during your time of praise and
worship. You will also learn several interpretive worship dance
patterns that express the passion of worshiping God through your
body. To learn all of these expressions of praise and worship this
workshop can be set up in a 4 hour session all the way up to a 3
day conference/workshop.If the time is limited you may want to
pick 1 or 2 topics to be trained in.

Choreography Workshops

During a choreography workshop I will teach you the art of choreography.
I will teach you how to use dramatic make up and garments to enhance your
dance piece.
You will also learn how to build your dance and how to add elements to take
your dance higher, by adding different props, lifts, facial expressions, formation
changes, stage placement, back drops for the stage, how to add levels of
movement with your body, and much more.
When you choreograph a dance it should always tell a story.
You want to move with such passion and grace that it compels people to
hunger for more of God’s presence.
Adding the different levels of choreography only helps build a dance that is
presented with excellence and effective in demonstration.
And when you add props, make up and garments it only takes your dance to
another level of excellence.

Ballet / Jazz / Modern Workshops
Hip-Hop Workshops
Step Workshops
Mime Workshops
African Fusion Workshops

Interested in a Dance Workshop Give us a Call at 972-427-3750